FIRST Project
(For Immigrants & Refugees Surviving Torture)

  Contact Information:
Dr. Maria Prendes-Lintel
1550 South 70th, Suite 200
Lincoln NE 68506
Phone: 402.488.6760
Fax : 402.488.6742

"FIRST Project clients are incredible people-strong and capable individuals. The staff is honored to serve them. "

FIRST's mission is to work collaboratively for the enrichment of lives and the eradication of torture by developing a multicultural behavioral health center. FIRST Project therapists are skilled at working with survivors to empower them in healing the wounds of the past and building a stable future. FIRST Project case managers work with survivors on stabilizing their lives and helping them to take care of themselves and their families.

Between 1980 and 2003, approximately 9,200 refugees were resettled in southern Nebraska , primarily in the Lincoln area. These figures primarily represent refugees from Iraq , Bosnia , Former Soviet Union republics, Afghanistan , Sudan , and Vietnam . Statistical research indicates that approximately 3,000 of Nebraska 's refugees are torture survivors. FIRST Project itself has served clients from nearly two dozen countries.

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